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About the project

Pineapple AS needed a new WooCommerce online store that will sync with their physical store inventory automatically using PCK (PC Kasse). the store should also be integrated with Klarna Payment System and the MyBring API.

Customer wanted to boost their online sales and they new it was because their old website was frustrating for customers when they wanted to shop. it was slow and badly designed.



The challenge for this project was making all this integrations work without breaking. To create modern secure web shop that customers will like.

Syncing of products sold online plus products sold on their physical shop to avoid customers from buying sold out items

This project taught me a lot about being integrations and APIs and how to make them work.


The customers sells expensive brands of women outfits and accessories and after the new website launched their sales have gone up and they have increased their stock and are currently running a very successful summer sale.

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