Hello. I’m Kevin Kamau, a Kenyan living in Norway


and this is my portfolio website. Welcome

Video Projects

Reels of various fun projects

Design Challenge

This is my personal design challenge where i take it unto myself to design and learn on my own free time, as way of self improvement especially in the area of UX/UI design and User interaction.

I am passionate about creating beautiful digital experiences that satisfies the needs of both the client and the user’s needs. I am always pushing boundaries and learning new ways of creating this experiences. Currently moving up the UX/UI ladder and I am looking forward to start publishing more mobile products.

My belief is to always stay open to new ideas, perspectives and challenges, I am always looking forward to work with individuals or teams that are also passionate in creating amazing digital products and solution.

Thank you for visiting my portfolio, and contact me for any kind of project or inquiry.

Web Design
UX Design

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+47 41342261