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About the project

Stjernen is Fredrikstads official ice hockey club, if you live in Fredrikstad you are a Stjernen fan by default. So they needed two websites one for their senior team and the other for their academy.

I mainly handled the ung (youth) website and did everything in there, and i followed the design guidelines set by my then colleague in Stavanger.


The challenge on the ung website was to make a website that the parents will love because this is the point of information about when their kids will start train

Teaching their different coaches and volunteers how to edit their teams data on the website, and creating limited access permissions for this users.

Integrating www.eliteprospects.com data API for the U21 team. this data is used by the scouts when they want to sign their future potential players.



The website is very much used by parents,coaches and scouts and was huge boost for Stjernen vision. Parents and the board loved the page.

Its easier for parents to know when the season starts and the training schedules for their kids. Also parents who want their children to start learning ice hockey know where and who to get in contact with.

The sponsors of Stjernen were very happy to see their logos on the page as this is good for them.

Privacy Preference Center

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