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About the project

A friend reached out to me to create a logo and website for her new cleaning business. She wanted a clean logo and her choice of color was turquoise .

Her website is a simple clean website that shows the different laundry cleaning packages she offers and their prices. We shall add more features on the project like an order form and a payment system VIPPS. 

So after i finished i decided to create an App idea for the project and i created an onboarding UI plus Sign-in UIs. Try the prototype here


The challenge was not that much here as it basically something i have done a thousand of times but the challenge will be integrating VIPPS, which i have not done before, but i have read and i have seen its possible.

The UI/UX is a Work in Progress, i will be trying adding more screens and options to make it a complete protoype. Challenge is time 🙂


The reviews were positive and this website has given me some good leads for future freelance projects.

Try the App prototype here

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